Web Development Resources

Welcome to Web Development Resources, a collection of links to the most informative guides relating to web site development and maintenance.

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Beginners' Guides
If you don't know where to start then start here.

HTML Guides & References
Once you've mastered the basics of HTML the guides linked to will help you master it. There are also links to some reference material for when your mind suddenly goes blank.

General Information
There are plenty of resources, like this, which give you a good overview of all aspects of web development. If you can't find what you're after here you might want to take a look.

Graphics are almost essential to any web site these days. Make sure that any graphics you use compliment the information you provide and don't detract from it. In other words, don't have an ugly web site!

CGI Programming
CGI programs run on your server and allow you to send different output depending on users' input, data files, or other information.

HTML Software & Tools
There are lots of programs out there to make HTML developers' jobs easier, including editors, validators and conversion tools.

Web Programming Languages
HTML and CGI were the original web programming languages. New languages such as Java and VRML allow developers to display very different information over the web.

Embedding multimedia elements in web sites is becoming increasingly popular. There are plenty of different file formats which can be used to transfer audio, video, or both from your site.

HTTP & Web Servers
You may want to learn about HTTP, the protocol used for transmitting web pages across the Internet, or find out how to install a web server on your own computer. This is all quite technical, though, and beyond the scope of many web developers.

New tutorials from experts in various fields of web development are added to the site regularly to help you keep informed about the rapid changes that are taking place on the web.

Resource Location
Unfortunately it's difficult to keep up with all the latest developments on the web so you might not always be able to find what you want here. This section helps you find other useful resources on the Internet.

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