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This section helps you out with all the basics you need to know before you can get your web site up and running.

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Beginners' Guides: Basic HTML

It's a good idea to learn a bit of HTML, the language used to create web pages, before you start to develop your site. Don't be put off by the fact that HTML is a computer language, it is very easy to learn and use.
Introduction to HTML
This is great for non-technical people, it is very detailed and explains the basic things you will need to know. Its length means it will take a while to read, but it is very easy to understand.
NCSA's Beginners Guide to HTML
This is excellent for beginners and provides a comprehensive introduction to HTML. Rather than containing lots of detail, this is quick and easy to read, making it suitable for those who feel more confident.
Take 10 Mintues to Learn HTML
A quick guide which covers all the basics and introduces you to HTML.
Yahoo's list of Guides & Tutorials to HTML
Yahoo contains lots of links to sites covering all aspects of web development. This section covers web tutorials; take a look if none of the above guides seem suitable for you.

Beginners' Guides: Operating Systems

Unix and Windows NT are the two main operating systems on which web servers are run. Unix dates back several decades and is most widely used, but NT is winning over many converts. Both operating systems have their advantages. Unix's age ensures stability and the availability of a wide range of software. NT is easier to use which means sites are often (but not always) more secure, but software is usually more expensive.
Web servers are often run under a Unix operating system, and this is the first time that many people will come into contact with it. If you want to learn how to use Unix or improve your skills this resource is invaluable.
Rick's Windows NT Info
Links to almost everything imaginable about Windows NT.

Beginners' Guides: Housing Your Site

Once you've created your web site you'll need to put it on a server which is permanently connected to the Internet. Some Internet service providers offer this with a standard dialup account.
List of Low Cost Web Services
If you want to store your web pages on a dedicated server cheaply the lists at this site will be useful.
Free Home Pages
Lists a few sites where you can store your web pages at no cost.

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