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CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is used to implement programs written in an ordinary programming language (such as C/C++ or Perl) into your web pages. CGI allows you to perform many advanced tasks that HTML cannot do on its own. This is advanced material and can get quite technical!

CGI: General Material

CGI Overview
Documentation and example programs. The best place to start.
CGI Security Tutorial
Before installing any CGI scripts on your server you should be aware of how they may compromise security.
WWW Security FAQ
Similar to the CGI security FAQ, but this contains more information about general WWW security measures.
CGI Made Really Easy
The title is a little misleading; the information here is only be of use to competent programmers who want to learn CGI quickly, others are be better off starting elsewhere.

CGI: Perl

Perl is one of the more popular languages for writing CGI scripts.
Perl Tutorial
Teaches you the basics of the programming language. Excellent for those who have never used a programming language before, others may find it tedious.
The Perl Language Home Page
Lots of links relevant to Perl, including the Perl FAQ. Very useful for all Perl programmers.
CGI.pm - a Perl5 CGI Library
CGI.pm makes writing CGI scripts with Perl5 much easier by containing many often used routines in one package.

CGI: C/C++

Introduction to CGI Programming
Explains what CGI is and how it works using examples in C.
A C++ class library that decodes CGI data.
cgihtml is a collection of routines in C for parsing CGI input and outputting HTML. This saves you rewriting routines which are commonly used in CGI scripts.

CGI: Server Side Includes

Server Side Includes are included directly in your HTML files and provide a powerful interface to CGI scripts and other useful tools.
Server Side Includes
An excellent guide taken from the O'Reilly CGI Programming book.
Yahoo: Server Side Includes
Various useful links related to server side includes, including information for configuring servers to allow them.

CGI: Debugging & Validation

It can often be difficult to find where mistakes are in your programs. Debugging and validation tools can prove to be very useful when you get stuck!
CGITap allows CGI scripts to run as normal, but additional debugging information is sent to the browser to help find faults in your programming.

CGI: Example Scripts

Selena Sol's CGI Script Archive
As well as several useful example scripts this site contains a CGI trouble shooting FAQ, a list of books with relevant information and more.
Matt's Script Archive
The best known collection of freely usable scripts - and they're not bad either!

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