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As the web has advanced various languages such as VRML and Java have appeared to supplement HTML and CGI. These new languages can help developers to create better, more innovative sites.

Web Programming Languages: VRML

VRML, the Virutal Reality Modeling Language, allows you to create 3D worlds which can be explored on the web.
VRML Architecture Group
Official VRML specifications, the VRML FAQ, and other information.
The VRML Repository
A repository of VRML software, worlds, sounds, textures and documentation.
VRMLSite Magazine
An online magazine dedicated to VRML. Great for keeping up to date with the latest developments and ideas.

Web Programming Languages: Java

Java is a platform independent programming language. It allows web site developers to include complex programs within their sites. Unlike CGI Java runs on the clients machine which means that the server only needs to be contacted once and the server's processing power is not used heavily. However, running programs on the client machine does raise numerous security issues.
Java: Programming for the Internet
The official Java information site from Sun, the developers of the language.
A web-based magazine for Java developers and enthusiasts. Contains information on new products, news and reviews, as well of plenty of ideas and tips related to the language.
Java Security FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the security of Java. Before you use Java on your web site you should be aware of the problems it may cause.
Tracking Java
Links to selected sites containing Java news, resources and tutorials.
Java Optimization
How to optimize your Java programs so that they're faster, smaller, and more maintainable.
Yahoo's Java Links
Links to a multitude of useful Java-related places on the Internet. Example applets, documentation, mailing lists and security issues are all covered.

Web Programming Languages: JavaScript

Netscape have developed Javascript and incorporated it into their browser. JavaScript is based on Java but there are numerous differences. JavaScript, unlike Java, is an interpreted script-based language.
Netscape's official JavaScript site.
Yahoo's JavaScript Links
Lots of useful JavaScript links and pointers to documentation, example code and security advice.
JavaScript Adventures
An article from Byte Magazine which contains some criticism of the language and a few tips and tricks to help you out.

Web Programming Languages: ActiveX

ActiveX is an open, cross-platform set of technologies for integrating components on the Internet.
ActiveX in Plain English
A well-written introduction to ActiveX, explaining what it is and what it does.
The ActiveX Working Group
This is the site for the people who determine the standards for ActiveX so you can find out what what they're up to.
ActiveX Resources Area
Microsoft's official site which tells you everything you'll need to know.
ActiveX Security
The author of this web site claims to have found some security holes in ActiveX which could cause serious problems.
An online magazine covering all the latest news about ActiveX.

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