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This page is part of the Web Development Resources collection. This section is designed to help you find additional information about web development which is not contained within this guide.

Finding Other Useful Resources

Keeping this guide up-to-date is a tough job. The web is always evolving, and it's evolving quickly too. If you feel any area is not covered in sufficient detail, or if you think we have not linked to the best resources please let us know. Ideally you'll never need to anything that isn't linked to from this guide to help you out!

It's usually a good idea to start looking for information on another site similar to this one. Several are listed in the General Information section of this guide.

If you're still having trouble finding what you want you can try one of the Internet's search engines. Searching can often be a nightmare as you may often find many of the sites you are pointed towards are completely irrelevant. In order to find what you are looking for you should always consult the search engine's help page, this will save time in the long run.

Some of the Best Search Engines


The most powerful search engine. The advanced search option is especially useful. You can perform a simple search using the form below.
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[Help for Simple Queries] [Help for Advanced Queries]


Rather than being a search engine in its own right, Metacrawler searches a number of free engines and collates the results. Combining the results of the best search engines often helps produce more accurate results. You can perform a search using the form below.

Search the web for Sort results by

[About Metacrawler and Help on Searching]


Infoseek is useful for performing a quick, imprecise search. Unlike AltaVista you don't usually have use logical terms to get the results you want. Every search also contains links to areas of Infoseek's directory which contains sites that they think are useful. You can perform a search using the form below.
Type a specific question, phrase or name in the box below:


[Infoseek Tips]

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