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This section deals with all aspects of incorporating graphical images into your web site. Make sure you don't get too carried away with graphics, many pages are very difficult to read because of their use of fancy backgrounds and logos. It is important to remember that in most cases the real focus of your site is its content. Graphics should be functional rather than extravagant.

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Graphics: Information, Formats & Tips

The Pixel Foundry
Excellent source of hints to make your graphics look better. Biased towards Photoshop users but extremely useful for others, too. Includes "tips for web designers", the famous "Kai's power tips and tricks for Adobe Photoshop", and an online forum and gallery.
Graphics Formats for the WWW
Details of the image formats frequently used on the web, giving the advantages and disadvantages of using them.
Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resources
Excellent source of information on transparent and interlaced images in the GIF89a format, also containing links to useful software.

Graphics: Software & Tools

Graphics viewers, editors, utilities and info
A huge collection of links to all sorts of graphical programs.
A perl script which reads in an HTML file and inserts HEIGHT and WIDTH tags in all occurences of the <IMG> attribute.
Imaging Machine
Performs powerful graphical manipulation routines online so you don't have to download, install and configure your own software.
GIF Wizard
Reduce the size of your GIF files online. Type in the URL of a GIF you want it to act on, and it sends you back several smaller files for you to choose from.
The most popular commercial graphics development program.
The GIMP (General Image Manipulation Program) is a high quality freeware graphics program for UNIX machines which rivals many commercial packages.

Graphics: Colours & Backgrounds

Thalia's Guide: The Color Page
A comprehensive resource covering and linking to all aspects of colour and background design.

Graphics: Image Maps

Graphical image maps allow the web server to respond in a different way depending on which part of the image the user clicks on.
Imagemap Help Page
A well written resource containing introductory information, relevant links and software tools which make development of image maps easier.
Implementing Image Maps
A lengthy discussion of image maps, how to use them and how to implement them.

Graphics: Clip Art, Sample Graphics & Fonts

If you don't have the time or ability to create good looking graphics then these resources will help you make your site look great.
Yahoo's Clip Art Links
Yahoo's list of clip art sites, including icons. A good starting place.
Background Images Archive
Plenty of high quality background images and a few horizontal rules, bullets, decorative lettering and more.
Internet Font Archives
Using the same old fonts to create logos with doesn't look very impressive, there are hundreds available from here to liven up your logos.
Barry's Clip Art Server
Lots of different images all grouped together under headings such as "Chemistry Clip Art", "Firefighters Page" and "Cartoon Clip Art". There are also over 100 animated GIFs.

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