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Anyone who has used the Internet will know it is often a difficult place to find information when you want it. The Web Development Resources list will enable you to quickly and easily locate relevant information to help you improve your web site, both for reference purposes or to introduce you to new technologies.

In May 1995, when this list began, web page design was in its infancy. A reasonable knowledge of HTML and some graphical skills were all that was necessary to create a high quality web site. Whilst this is often true today there are many new technologies which web developers should, at the very least, be aware of.

As time has passed designers have also become more skilled at creating web sites, learning others' clever tricks and reusing and improving them. The number of resources which are relevant to this list is increasing rapidly. As a result the list was given a much needed upgrade in November 1996 when it was split into several pages, in turn split into many subsections.

It may be possible to create more powerful web pages now than it was in May 1995, but as technology advances web developers must increasingly resist the urge to use features for the sake of it. How many times have you seen a web site where the background clashes with the text, or where the page is broken up into too many ugly, confusing frames? New features are added to the web to innovate, not to complicate. There are plenty of web sites out there which would work much better if all the fancy features were stripped away. Most people want information from the web, so make sure they get it!

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